Hi to all members of the Serif Community

Although our IRC support channel has been closed for a while due to lack of help, I have recently helped quite a few people with regards to FTP upload issues and other problems that arise from server and hosting problems. This sort of help always needs back channel support due to the information needed to access certain parts of the members server connection and can not be posted on a public forum due to security issues.

This has now prompted me to use a live chat facility (text based) to communicate with people having such issues and hopefully be of some assistance to them in getting their web site live on their hosting space. These sort of issues were my forteit when running our live IRC support channel and we had many satisfied users who came to visit us via our channel.

Although this service will not be run on a full time basis and covered 24/7 like the support channel used to be, but will be supported as much as I can, you will also be able to check to see if I am online or not via the link opposite.

I hope you find this service useful and look forward to helping old and new members with any problems with their WebPlus software.

Regards as always - Mick - Founder and Administrator of the Serif IRC Support channel

LiveZilla Live Help

Please click the Live Support link below, I’ll help if I’m online or you could leave a message if I’m offline